Dues Are Due !!!

Next Meeting
July 10 th 2018

Our next meeting will be at the West Range @ 6:30 PM

Club policy and decisions are made by those who care enough to attend and participate in the monthly membership meetings

"Please Attend" Read Minutes

GFAC Officers

President - Jeremy Garness
President Elect - Warren Rains
Secretary Treasurer - Danell & Scott Powers
Membership Chair - Danell & Scott Powers
Field Governors 2018
Bruce Davidson - Scott Powers and Joe Metcalf

GFAC Shoots

Shoot Donors 2018

Maps & Flyers

 Foul Weather      March 11th  GFAC West Range

 Safari      May 6th  Ryan / Morony Dam Road

 Kings Hill      July 21st & 22nd  Harley Park

Important Dates

Wednesday June 27
Range mowing/work party scheduled for Wednesday June 27 @ 6:30 pm. CAT is letting us use the skidsteer and mower deck again this year If enough people and enough time we will also replace some target butts and put target faces on.