GFAC Meeting Minutes
June 2018


June Meeting Minutes

*Kings hill donations are rolling in. Will have lots of good prizes.

*Cooler raffle we decided to purchase 2-45 qt permafrost coolers for card raffle as well as a 20 qt for general raffle.

*JEREMY will check with Kennetrek on banquet boot opportunities to get a pair of boots

*Range mowing/work party scheduled for Wednesday June 27 @ 6:30 pm. CAT is letting us use the skidsteer and mower deck again this year

*If enough people and enough time we will also replace some target butts and put target faces on.

*Cliff gave an MBA Banquet update. Start hitting up local businesses for donations. Banquet March 29-31, 2019 @ heritage inn

- 2018 Membership dues are due

- Membership Chairman is Scott and Danell Powers.